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We started the wheel to put a little spin (pun intended) on our usual flash day. Flash days usually involve offering
We’ve always felt it is our responsibility to give our clients the best tattoo possible. We will continue to provide a
When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in the Summer of 2017 we were deeply affected by the images on social media of
It’s important to be ready to temper expectations, and be open to suggestions and ideas when working toward a cover-up tattoo.
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After almost 20 years, blood, sweat, a few divorces, a lot of break ups, a ton of beers, parties, good times,
“But it’s MY tattoo!” “I’ve called lots of shops and no one wants to do my color outline/white ink/ micro tattoo
It was a real pleasure to have Jessie Coccia out for a couple of days! Follow her on Instagram and check
Disclaimer: I have gotten 2 tattoos infected. There, I said it. I didn’t properly care for a tattoo, not once, but
Disclaimer: I am, by no means, an expert on how to get an apprenticeship. I have never tried to get an
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Tattoo culture in the mainstream is a fairly new when you think about how long tattoo shops have been around. Until
“Who the hell are you and why are your blog posts even relevant?” Just kidding nobody has said that. Maybe they’ve
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When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston last summer we wanted to do a flash event to benefit the Houston SPCA and all
Think Tank began as an idea to open a tattoo shop that represented all styles of tattooing. We are so proud
Everyone deserves a second chance, right? Cover-up tattoos are no acceptionexception, but there are a few things to keep in mind
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We did our best to answer our most commonly asked questions. Check out the questions and answers on our FAQ page!
Adam van Deutekom specializes in fine-line, sacred geometry, botanical, and Japanese tattoos. His tattoos are very detailed, with clean fine lines.
Ben Rounds of Sailor Grave Tattoo Gallery will be tattooing with us January 9th-13th
We would like to welcome Vincent Samaniego to the shop! Vinnie is a California native that grew up in Boulder. His
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We will be launching our online store this holiday season! Keep your eyes peeled for tattoo inspired apparel, art, and accessories.
Jake Bray is running a tattoo flash special for the rest of October!

October 12, 2017
We’ve added Halloween tattoos to the Tattoo wheel!
The phone rings, “Will you guys be taking walk-ins later?” The answer is always yes. As long as the front door
Jeremiah Wayne Crop Tops are $20 in the shop $30 shipped

New T-shirts

September 1, 2017
T-shirts with designs by Jake bray, Jeremiah Wayne, and Sam Plantan are now in stock! $20 in person $30 shipped.

Meet Allen!

August 15, 2017
This is our shop help, Allen. When he’s not making sure the shop is clean and sanitized he’s smoking in the
We pride ourselves on doing a variety of tattoo styles. The best way to figure out which artist will be the
We always welcome walk-ins during business hours. Since walk-ins are done on a first-come, first-served basis we cannot guarantee that a

Tat Wheel

August 9, 2017
The Test-Your-Luck-Tat-Wheel is still going strong! Come down Tues-Sat, 12pm-8pm   1st spin= $60 Additional spins = $20 each First-come, first-served
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